Liv Lively Salon & Boutique Interior Design Plans


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You may be wondering the happenings of Vixen Blow Dry Salon of Bozeman. In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions.

Acquired Monday October 2nd, 2017 Vixen Blow Dry Salon was purchased by Liv Lively LLP an online women’s clothing start up. Mother daughter duo, Rona & Olivia Davison started Liv Lively women’s clothing and accessories based solely online since June 2017. They decided to purchase Vixen Salon with intention of keeping the full service salon and re-configuring the front dry bar area into a retail space. The salon part of the space will remain the same with an additional stylist station (already added) and small cosmetic updates. Vixen Salon stylists; Michelle Mayer (previous owner), Jilian Weamer, Ann Kunsak, Hillary Woodward, Jody Troxel and Jamie Langlas have all stayed through the transition and have joined the Liv Lively Salon & Boutique team. We are so very pleased to be able to keep this fantastic group of women as our stylists as well as upholding the Kevin Murphy hair product line!

As far as the Boutique end of the business, Liv Lively is in the midst of doing some major changes. We apologize as the salon may not look as pretty through this transition, but we did not want to disrupt the schedules of our very busy stylists. However, our end result will be impressively unlike any other interior you have seen in Bozeman, better yet in the state of Montana! The biggest change you will see is the removal of the dry bar. The wall behind the dry bar will soon be a beautifully displayed retail wall consisting of women’s clothing and accessories. The floor and window sill will also be utilized for retail displays. To the left the waiting area will remain similar to what is was before– with some small cosmetic Liv Lively branded changes.

We thank you for being patient and understanding of these changes in the next couple weeks. The work is being done in stages and we intend on the display of retail (not a guaranteed finish) by November 24th 2017 at 8AM for BLACK FRIDAY. We will have our gorgeous women’s winter lines as well as some steals & deals for Black Friday Sales.

Liv Lively is very fortunate to already be working with such a beautiful space to begin with, that our changes only intend to display women’s and accessory merchandise and enhance the brand image.  Our interior designer Teresa Kessler of Teresa Kessler Designs has a beautiful image in the works and we cannot wait to show you!

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