Things to do near us!

Things to do downtown


Bozeman isn’t only known for its skiing, but the downtown too. You can find yourself strolling for hours and still not visit every art gallery and boutique. If you are looking for shopping, obviously you have to check out Liv Lively, located right off of main on North Tracy.


The food options are endless. If you’re hoping to brunch, our favorites are Jam, Cateye Cafe, Nova Cafe, and Mainstreet Over Easy. For a quick bite, check out Stuffed! Scattered throughout downtown are an abundance of coffee shops, all unique and special in their own way. Treeline is at the very edge of downtown and is a must. Further along, you should check out Rockford, Zocolo, and Wild Joe’s.


We hope you love downtown Bozeman as much as we do!