Bozeman Boutique Salon

It’s no surprise that Bozeman’s population has been increasing every year. With endless amounts of skiing, hiking, and fishing, who wouldn’t want to live here. All of us at Liv Lively feel the same way. Nestled in the vibrant, up and coming downtown, our Salon and Boutique aims to provide the latest fashions and hairstyles to anyone and everyone.


We use Kevin Murphy hair products and believe that they make a world of difference in maintaining the integrity of your hair. We currently have 6 stylists on a rotational basis, with 4 stations operating each day.


Some of our favorite brands we carry our good hYOUman, MinkPink, Honey Punch, and The Little Market. Whether you are Bozeman native, a recent resident, or just visiting; we hope to make you feel welcome in our little slice heaven.